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Terus Sebar Kebaikan

Ramadhan is a holy month that full with act of kindness and togetherness. Although current situation force us to keep stay at home but togetherness is not about in a form of physics, but also came in a form of care and kindness that spreads to people out there in needs through a digital platform. Therefore, fiberized XL Axiata 4.5G stable internet will keep you to spread kindness to everyone out there.

Keep Spreading Good Deeds
XL Axiata 4.5G Digital Campaign
#TerusSebarKebaikan Challenge
An invitation to Indonesian to keep spreading kindness through digital, and in the same time donates to people in needs during Ramadan month.
Digi Hangout #TerusSebarKebaikan
An inspiring breakfasting activity through digital and also entertaining Indonesian people during fasting period with different kind of theme and public figure every week.