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XL Axiata Implements Omnichannel CVM To Understanding Customer’s Needs

Jakarta, November 25th, 2020. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) continues to strive in improving business performances, amidst the intense competition between the telecommunications industry and the amount of pressure from the Covid-19 pandemic that is still happening. One way is to increase product sales. For this reason, XL Axiata adopts digital technology innovations to increase the ability to understand the needs of each customer, and also as part of implementing a digital transformation program. Since 2018, XL Axiata has implemented an innovative platform, namely the Omnichannel Customer Value Management (CVM).


Director of Commerce of XL Axiata, David Arcelus Oses, stated, “The ability to understand the needs of each customer is one of the keys to increase sales. By understanding their needs, we can provide the right deals. We can also quickly provide solutions to the problems they encounter. The challenge is how to identify the needs of each of our customers whose total number is more than 56 million. That’s why we implement Omnichannel CVM.”


Following David's statement about this innovative platform, XL Axiata is able to offer every customer the right product, the right price, at the right time. Basically, every customer has specific characteristics inherent in themselves which will then influence the decision to buy the most appropriate product.


As an illustration, for customers who need a data package, XL Axiata already offers packages from 1GB to 50GB, with various prices, as well as packages for the booster. Thus, every customer can have their needs met, both from the size of the quota, price, and quality of service. After 2 years running, more than 32 million offers have been purchased by our customers, every time there are more than 1 million offer profiles displayed.


Omnichannel CVM works by analyzing the character of each customer in 360 based on their habits in using XL Axiata products, packages they usually buy, frequency of purchases, as well as 200+ other relevant variables. By using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), the results of the analysis then become a reference for XL Axiata to offer the most appropriate products to every customer. Complex event processing methods are also used to send contextual messages according to customer requirements. The one contact policy implemented allows XL Axiata to regulate the delivery or appearance of offers on more than 14 internal channels, including UMB, digital applications, SMS, and digital advertisements.


“The results of the Omnichannel CVM application gave a very significant contribution to driving sales. We also saw a 10x increase in bid purchases from the previous one at CVM. Also, the use of this platform is also a solution to be able to maintain performance during stressful times due to the harsh economic conditions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic,” said David.


XL Axiata guarantees that the use of customer data will always comply with applicable regulations. Customer data is also kept confidential. The data that becomes the material for the analysis of the Omnichannel CVM platform is data related to product usage habits. According to David, the use of this digital platform is intended to provide better service that customers need. By knowing the details of each customers needs, XL Axiata can also prevent customers from choosing a wrong product that can lead to being dissatisfied and leaving the card unused.

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